At THREADCURRY, we're all about expressing yourself through threads - not the Instagram threads but those long strands of fibres like cotton and nylon. Our name, THREADCURRY, reflects our passion for top-quality THREAD that forms the foundation of our products and our delicious CURRY of creative art designs.
We're all about the Power of Creative Storytelling. Remember Phoebe Buffay from 'Friends' and how everything she owns has to have a story? Well, we're totally on the same page. We're here to celebrate the storytelling born from an artist's creative genius. And what better way to embrace those stories than by wearing them?

Our canvas is vast, and our themes are even more diverse. Whether you're a fan of the classics or you're seeking something out of the ordinary, THREADCURRY is at your service. We have a Dark theme section for those days when you're running low on vitamin D. The Comic and Spoofs if you're in an Adam Sandler mood. And if you're into art, feeling creative, full of enthusiasm, and radiating charisma, we have a great section of Anime as well!