Be an Artist at THREADCURRY

At THREADCURRY, we produce the trendiest graphic T-shirts & other clothing, all with an exclusive customized design based on various themes. We are always on the lookout for innovative designers or artists with a statement to make. If you think you have what it takes to work for THREADCURRY, then pay us a visit with a portfolio showcasing your previous work. THREADCURRY provides a great platform for Artists in any genre to experiment with themes. Your work will be featured on our exclusive brand of T-shirts & other clothing.

Royalty Payment Structure

Payments are made through PayPal, Payoneer or Bank transfers. Every Artist receives payment by the next following month. Every Artist can check their monthly sales report in the following month in their dashboard panel.

When accepted on board, it should be remembered that we furnish you with options where your royalty is concerned. We shall enter into an agreement with you, and your payment structure depends on two categories:

  1. Exclusive Artist or Non-Exclusive Artist - INDIA
  2. Non-Exclusive Artist - Rest of the World

The agreements differ in distribution/licensing restrictions:

As an Exclusive Artist, the artist will reserve the right to sell their designs on the international market or international websites. However, as THREADCURRY is based in India, you will be bound by our distribution/licensing terms that restrict you from selling your designs to any Indian brand or featuring them on a website originating from India.

As a Non-Exclusive Artist, the artist is not bound by our distribution/licensing terms and can sell their designs elsewhere to any brand or through any website in India.

The Royalty Amount details would be shown in the Artist dashboard.

Technical Details

 When submitting files to THREADCURRY, please ensure the below requirements:

  1. PNG / TIFF files with transparent backgrounds, so it could be used on different clothing base colors
  2. RGB color mode
  3. Minimum Resolution of 300 dpi
  4. Minimum Dimensions - Width: 22 inches, Height: 24 inches

Your designs should be submitted through the Artist Dashboard for the selection process. The choice of designs will be at the sole discretion of our selection panel. Selected designs will be Approved and will be on Sale on the website.

If you would like to register with us as an Artist, then please write to the email -